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"AAG CloudWatcher", a high precision, low cost system for monitoring the sky condition. This has been achieved by, firstly, a clever product design by its creator Antonio Peres, and secondly, by the meticulous production from Lunático Astronomy.

But the AAG CloudWatcher does not stress only its low cost, but also by its high quality and unique features.

Its intuitive graphic software allows an inmediate and very visual reading of information. It lets the user set the measuring parameters, achieving a powerful and very accurate cloud detection. All alerts (cloudy, rain, etc) can be programmed to play sound files; that way, and using a couple of simple and inexpensive "walkie talkies" with "vox" function, the alarm can be heard away from the observatory, eliminating the need for a second computer. There're even several free programs for mobile devices, for exemple: 

  • Developed for Francisco Jesús Cortés, a program to allow you to receive an alarm in, for example, your mobile phone.

  • MAC application available! Richard Francis, ClearAndDark.com, has developed a great Mac application for the CloudWatcher. You can get it directly from the AppStore at a very reasonable cost


Example AAG CloudWatcher setup.

The AAG CloudWatcher comprises:

  • A box with a special exterior finish that includes 4 sensors that are shown in the program through their corresponding graphs. They allow a thorough and easily understandable measurement of atmospheric conditions:

    Clouds sensor. Through an infrared sensor of the AAG CloudWatcher measures the temperature of the sky, and an electronic thermometer measures the internal temperature. Both data are then related by a powerful formula used to determine the existence of clouds. The measuring result is easily read on the graffic "Cloud".

    Unlike other detectors, the AAG CloudWatcher allows the user to set the parameters for measurement, and thus adjust the detection of clouds for each place.


    Rain sensor. CloudWatcher uses a variable capacitor to determine the existence of rain. In addition, the capacitor incorporates an internal resistance for heating the element, drying it, which allows a constant reliable reading.

    Light sensor. To distinguish between day and night. It can even detect the Moon.

    Temperature sensor.

    Relative humidity sensor 

    (*) VERY IMPORTANT: the relative humidity sensor is given for free and not covered, for the moment, by our warranty. Instead of keeping testing it locally for 1 or 2 years more, and delaying the launch, we've chosen to give it away to our customers as soon as possible. This way you get an added value, at no cost, and we have the best possible test of the new humidity sensor.

    Also, the data from the sensor will be fully supported in the SOLO; the windows program, however, will display the value, and include it in the "single line data" files. Full support for Windows will be included in a fully new program we're working on currently.

    Provided the sensor is a success, we'll offer a retrofit service and DIY kit at the lowest possible cost.

    Anemometer (optional accessory)..


  • 3, 5 or 10m. long weather-proof cable with IP68 connector, used to connect the cloudwatcher instrument to a PC. 



    AAG CloudWatcher with separate cable
    and IP68 connectors for both the main unit
    and the anemometer. 



    The IP68 Weipu connectors allow an installation of the unit so much easier.

    The cable can be routed conveniently through a conduit, the smaller side of
    a cylindrical connector only 19mm. in diameter.



  • Relay (1) for observatory opening/closing.

    (1) The Relay cable can withstand a voltage of 220 vol. But not being a security cable it is advised to connect it to low voltage devices (12 or 24v).