NexDome Observatory Telescope Permanent Pier
NexDome Observatory Telescope Permanent Pier


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This solid steel pier offers an outstandingly rigid, 36 inch tall permanently mounted installation engineered to minimize any vibration. Thanks to 1/4" thick central tube, NexPier is strong enough to carry the weight of a big 14" catadioptric scope with any and all accessories including piggybacked telescopes.


The top leveling plates are attached by 6 of 1/2" heavy duty bolts which provides precise levelling and also better vibration resistance.


To make the horizonal adjustments easier the whole base plate unit can rotate 360 degrees and locked by 6 1/2 inch screws attached to the pier directly. 


Two side access points on the bottom of the pier provides a safe conduit for cables from and to telescope.


Fine tuning and leveling is typically accomplished using the 8 pier mounting bolts. The wide 15 3/4" x 15 3/4" foot plate provides a very stable support for the central 8.75" tube. Good for critical observing and astrophotography tasks.

A variety of precisely cnc machined mount adapters are available.

To calculate the pier height visit this link. 

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